Generation Plan

 In the MLM industry, MLM Generation Plan is one of the most important and most fruitful mlm plan. Due to its attribute to run until unlimited depth, the people who dreaming about making good money from MLM highly prefers this plan. For newbie as well as experienced members, the generation plan offers great advantages. At the same time, it’s a highly beneficial plan for MLM companies as it ensures great success in the industry.

How Does generation plan works?

  •  A generation is a whole volume from upline to downline (this includes people with the same and different ranks).
  • The technical working principle of this MLM Plan can be described using the following example:
    Assume 16 levels, consisting of only 4 generations.
  • The amount you can get will be more in the case of the first generation and will be getting reduced for the following generations respectively.
  • Let’s make it more clear, if you pay 10% on your very first generation, it will only be 6% on the second, 4% on the third generation, and 2% on the fourt

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