Gift Plan

What is a Gift Plan or a Helping Plan?

Gift plan is also known as helping plan MLM. Helping plan MLM is a variation of cash gifting. Here, a person gets the advantage by Gifting or Donating to others. Simply this is a type of “give and take” concept.
This plan or gift planner is also known as cash order plan. Actually, this is not a Multi-Level Marketing concept. The basic concept is to send a gift to one member and receive multiple gifts from many other members. So each member will be benefited with multiple gift receipts from other members. Members will deposit or gift directly to other members as the system shows. 
The company can charge an amount for the managerial expenses and for the registration charges. Help plan MLM can be of many levels.

How Does gift plan works?

  • Give help and get help are main steps in all gifting and donation plans.
  • Some company business plan may allow you to earn Pair bonus based on the points.
  • It utilizes the power of network marketing to widen the member participation in the system.
  • Almost all gift plan organization offers good compensations to boost the popularity of the helping plan systems.
  • There are certain criteria to accept as well as to donate the offers.
  • These criteria may vary from company-to-companies.
  • Some companies may set some limits to the amount that one person can receive as grants.
  • The limit can also extend by purchasing higher membership packages or advancing to next higher rank, etc.

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