Our Projects

Moon-water Resort

One of our blissful website creation is for Moonwater resorts from your imagination to the real-life tranquil beauty !

Sukh Interior

One of our top appreciations is sukh interiors.Its all about interior and archietectural sigma

Lifetime help Organization

Lifetimehelp is a MLM website created using laravel technology.

Touchwood Car point

They provide car care services to keep the cars fit and healthy and customers happy and smiling. Another creation by us using wordpress technology.

Glory Inks

This website was created to serve the printing industry to get the best value for their Printing ink solution and water based ink. Created in WordPress.

Glory Inks

This is a MLM auto-fill plan. this is one of the best type website developed by our team. Technology used in this site is Laravel.

Our Mobile Apps

Jain Social Media

This app is all about social media for all jain peoples. For keeping full contact with our beloved.

Sumit Varma's App

This is a mobile application developed by ukvalley which is used for political purpose.

Matrimonial App

This is a mobile application which is developed by ukvalley for Marriage purpose.

Jain Sangit

All songs and prayers related to jain category are deployed in this application.

We provide the best service in industry