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Single leg mlm Plan is also called Single Leg Business Plan. This Business Plan is booming day by day in the multilevel marketing sector. The main concept of single-leg business Plan is to earn profit down line to a single leg. This business plan is closely related to the forced matrix business plan. The members who will be on the top get more profit from the multi marketing companies.

This is one of the best MLM business plans which create a single line chain in which only single members are recruited. This is why it is called the single leg mlm plan. The concept of this proposal could be easily understood only with its name.

This is quite similar to the force matrix business compensation plan. According to the concept of this business, compensations plan the first members will get more share or commission than the second and the second members will get more than the rest members of the business organizations.

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HOW DOES single leg mlm plan WORK

In the case of single-leg business Plan, each member gets their commissions according to the target achieved by their down line members. As discussed above that this business plan is similar to the Forced matrix business plan.

In Single level Business Plan, there is always an opportunity to earn more and more money when new members get to join in the multilevel marketing business plan. One of the interesting facts of this business plan is that there is no limit and mandatory conditions for this plan to work.

This business plan creates the best platform for the new company to grow and develop their business services. Nanoarch Software Solutions is one of the best MLM software company which develops the best Single leg business plan software which is simple and easy to understand by the clients.

This business plan has unlimited members down line to one another according to the joining in multi-level marketing companies. According to the needs and requirements of the clients, we develop MLM business plan software which creates the best platform for quick earning.

According to the concept of single leg MLM plan, there will be an organization’s head who has authority to hire an unlimited of members underneath the organizational structure. This business compensation plan always offers the members of the business organizations to earn regularly.

When the new person joins the network, the front line members will get complete benefits or commissions. Due to the simplicity of the business plan, it becomes more attractive and widely used at the international level. This business compensation plan is completely based on (first come first serve) methodology. So this business plan is crucial for new members as well as the members coming underneath in the organizations.

One of the incredible business compensation plans for earning money in the network marketing business. This is the simplest business plan in comparison to others which returns network marketer’s highest return on investment.

Having a simple business structure this business plan is widely accepted all over the world. You will get one of the simplest concepts as the members who start this plan would be considered as the upline of the system.

One of the biggest advantages of this plan is that every member working in the business organization will help you to get success in your life. The extraordinary things are that it goes down in one straight-line and this is why it is being called a linear leg plan.

The name of this plan clears the whole concept of the single leg mlm plan as the members get inserted will be placed in the downline of their frontline members. The whole strategy for the sale of the product in which the revenue is being generated by the participant who sells the products and items directly to the consumers.

This plan gives you financial freedom as there is no fixed depth in this plan but have a set width for the network marketers. It is the favorite business compensation plan for many people because in this there is no limit of members working in the plan. This is the main reason people select this plan mostly because its simplicity allows people to choose them mostly in comparison to others. This plan becomes the most effective business plan in multi-level marketing for those new members who want rapid growth in MLM business. The main concept on which it works is quite similar to the forced matrix plan. This plan is simplest and it does not mean that earning is limited in multilevel marketing, as you will get huge benefits and incentives in the single leg mlm plan. Because of having the simple nature of this monoline plan, most people earned lots of money in network marketing. You can easily launch a new multi-level marketing business through this plan because this is a widely used plan by some huge targeted audiences. We create a separate member panel in almost all the business compensations plan. Admin can access the packages using the admin panel and can keep track records of business services and members working in the business organizations. Apart from all these, the admin will get more and more benefits from the software as they can build up a strong and reliable business organization structure through which they can earn a huge amount of profits. Admin gives access to the whole members working in the business organization as they can submit their details through members’ panels. You will get separate members panel in the software packages so that you can smoothly run the monoline business compensation plan. The main objective of our service is to establish your network marketing business among targeted audiences. You will get easily underneath members in your MLM business through this plan as it is simples and returns huge incentive and bonus to the members. So this is all clear that single-leg compensation plan is one of the impelling business plans right now due to the name of the multilevel marketing business is growing day to day.


We at Nanoarch running smoothly the monoline compensation plan which has massive advantages for the MLM companies as well as for the members working in the business organizations. Our software developers are well familiar with advanced technologies and features for the development of network marketing software.

With having many years of experience, we have developed spectacular software that gets designed with high tech features with wisely. The features include E-commerce solutions, E-wallet, Multi currencies, and multiple languages support.

We have equipped our network marketing software with the most advanced tools and tips, which allow MLM business owners to operate easily and allow you to grow business in an incredible way. In another hand, our experts will solve the entire query related to your projects as we are available 24*7 to solve all the difficulties in your MLM business. We are completely specialized in creating software for almost all the MLM business plan which also makes us best MLM software service provider in all over India.


If you are willing to start a new MLM business, then one of the most crucial things is to select the best business plan. Monoline plan will be the first choice of every network marketers due to its simplicity. This returns the fastest ROI (Return on investment) as the success is completely dependable on the efforts given by the members of the business organizations.

Due to accuracy in the compensations of this plan, it is widely used at the international level for launching a new MLM business in the market. Direct selling companies choose this plan mostly because it returns fastest results in comparison to other network marketing plans. In the case of this business plan, this allows dividing the shares of the profit. We at Nanoarch Software fulfill the desired needs of the clients by giving them robust and secure software for almost all the business compensations plan. Through software, members get complete freedom as success is being also dependent on the members working for the business organizations.

KEY POINTS OF Single leg mlm plan

Apart from all these, there are lots of benefits you will get from a network marketing business as we help to grow your business. We work according to the set requirements of the clients, and we always stand on the trust of the clients. All the latest features we added to the online payment gateway, multiple currencies, and many others. You do not have to worry about your MLM business organizations as we are here to take better take care of your MLM business. Single Leg MLM Plan is best for startups

So you are in the right place as we take your business at the highest level.

  •  When the business mindset company, needs a simple multilevel marketing business plan than their first choice will be the Single-leg Business plan.
  •  The structure of the single business plan is so simple, in comparison to other marketing business plan.
  • The members of this business plan have to follow the single line down line to other members.
  •  There is always a chance of income in a single leg business plan when the new members get recruited down line to other members.
  •  If you want to stand a new business in the market, the single-leg business plan will assist you to do this quickly and in responsive time.
  •  Easier and simple to understand as the process of this business is easier in comparison to others.

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